1. Ceinwyn

    Fae Courts Trophy Hunted

    The woods before dawn were anything but still. Birds had risen an hour earlier to begin their chorus and every manner of creature wound its way around the leaf litter. With pale twilight heralding the dawn, Ceinwyn moved through the underbrush without a sound. Her cloven hooves left gentle...
  2. Inina

    Private Tales Undercurrent

    It was always the same dream. Flashes of home, of the fear-stricken faces of her parents and grandmother as they reached out toward her, unable to catch hold of her before the current dragged her toward the surface. Human hands grappled at her, hauling her onto a boat, their menacing expressions...
  3. Fraeya

    Fae Courts New fae thread - underground crime circle

    Just wanted to post an OOC for this Fae courts thread: https://chroniclesrp.net/threads/while-the-cats-away-the-mice-will-get-murdered.4011/ I'm picturing it like the wyrm scene in ACOTAR, except it's not a sand maze but a water maze and it's more like a giant serpent (close to the basilisk but...