1. Zaire

    Private Tales Relentless

    [art cred] Lately, it seemed Vel Anir was trying to show off how there was no issues between the Kingdom and the Falwood. Now, anyone with more than three brain cells knew better. From the Brotherhood to the skirmishes along the border, it seemed Vel Anir and Falwood were still giving one...
  2. Ziganni

    Open Chronicles The Red Cloak.

    The last thing you'd remember before you got yourself in this predicament is travelling from Alliria towards the direction of Elbion. It was a well trodden path you'd travelled the last place you'd expect anything to happen with it's busy foot traffic. As you were travelling on this path you...
  3. Zagroza the Steel One

    Heavily Unfinished. If anything I have here does not fit the site's lore, I'd prefer someone to tell me where I did wrong rather than have my character taken down, thank you.