1. Victoria O'Connor

    Private Tales Dancing Claws

    Victoria exhaled a long, nervous breath. She had been looking forward to today ever since that morning in the bath, when Fallon had asked her as bluntly as could be to marry her. No preamble, not pageantry, not even a question. Marry me. Victoria had played it over in her head countless...
  2. Victoria O'Connor

    LFG A Monstrous Matrimony

    Victoria O’Connor, Lady of Greyrock Castle, invites you to witness her union of marriage with Fallon, Alpha of the Garou. Ceremony to commence at Greyrock Castle at Dusk this Hallow’s Eve. A simple invitation, powerful in its brevity, delivered in thick calligraphy upon lush, expensive...
  3. Victoria O'Connor

    Completed The Dead Queen's Wedding

    Greyrock castle was a heavy, unyielding structure. Thick square walls and stout towers stood tall against the purple eastern sky. The crash of the sea was a constant background, stretching infinite and cold behind the castle in a churning, velvet-black expanse. All was not darkness, however, for...
  4. Victoria O'Connor

    Private Tales Clashing Fangs

    The road was too rough for the carriage. Although it was elegant, it was old, and wooden box groaned and creaked as it bumped over roots and slid in and out of ruts. Victoria sat alone inside, being bounced around the plush seats, furious. She would have the driver’s head for this. Literally...
  5. Fallon

    Open Chronicles Bedtime Stories - Introduction to the Garou

    The Caern - The Mountains of The Spine - Nightfall "Tell us again Fallon, please!" The pack's den, the Caern, was nestled safely in a system of caves in the mountains of the spine, and today they had hunted and ate well, but darkness had started to close in and the children had pestered and...
  6. Fallon - Alpha of the Garou