1. Olvir

    Private Tales The Chains of Family

    Anirian Territory - Cortosi Border Alistair Krixus Olvir stood leaning against an old signage boulder. It had been inscribed centuries ago with different waypoints. The southern ones pointing to Vel Anir, the northern ones edging to Cortos, and those to the east heading to the Savannah. It was...
  2. Haloshooter

    LFG Anybody for a family?

    Anybody down for making a family? And not one surrounded by NPC's. I'm talking about a slice of life RP where separate writers write characters together to form a family. Parents, children, relatives, (pets?), family friends, childhood friends, servants, maids, etc. Family business, conflicts...
  3. Tzuriel Alanthis

    Private Tales A Fated Reunion

    Glass... Great huge panes of glass were very rare and expensive. Sand from the Amol Kalit desert, dwarven artisans and craftsmen from the city of Volta, transportation and builders to install them all came out to a pretty sum. But the expansive view of the Allirian straight from the comfort of...