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  1. House Ard an Greine

    Fable - Ask A Solstice Miracle

    Tag: @Amaryllis Tag: @Peony / @Faolan Theme A Solstice Miracle Today was a very special day, not only was it special because of the Solstice event but Áine and Ardghal were having their fourth child over the course of 400 years. While four kids might not seem like much to outsiders not...
  2. Midir

    Fable - Ask A nightmare dressed like a daydream

    You are Cordially Invited... ~ The Heart of the Autumn Court, Laigin, lay deep within the Ixchel Wilds. An area left relatively unscathed by the encroaching hand of mortals in part due to its mystic and wild qualities. People who dared enter the wilds were often not seen again and if they did...
  3. Keernan

    Private Tales Crossing Over
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    Syuri Laneteth was an old elven village. The population had barely changed in a thousand years. Sitting on a crossroads near the edge of the northern reach of Falwood it had a busy road through it. It was the kind of road young elves would follow to leave the sleepy village and find greater...