1. Samara Asenta

    Private Tales Figments and Portents

    "Hrk." An iron grip found its way about the throat of a man. An unwelcome pressure on the larynx made all the worse as gravity no longer kept his feet on the floor as it should. The offending appendage had taken to hefting his moderate weight aloft; all that kept from having their throat torn...
  2. Jane

    Open Chronicles Mornings are Rough

    Jane groaned. The back of her hand dragged across her face. Flopped down on the other side of her body. She groaned again. And, strangely, a rooster started crowing--a rooster that was way too close to be anywhere other than right next to her ear. No. No, damn it, I cast banish on the sun...
  3. Asuego 'Susanna'

    Private Tales Strangers in the woods.

    It was eve in western Epressa. Rain would pitter-patter from leaf to leaf. Drip from one to another each forest level lower. hitting the ground very lightly, like a wet kiss of the sky, sometimes on a person, sometimes on a bush or woodland critter that still mingled about. Yet it was frigid, to...