elbion college

  1. Kara Orin

    Roleplay OOC Elbion's on fire again, bruh

    See RP thread: The Great Ones Aftermath: Elbion There will be no attempt to DM the thread. Drakormir rests in the waters below Elbion. The city is literally fractured. Monsters roam the streets consuming innocents. One could slay the monsters and protect lives. Or take advantage of the chaos...
  2. Vyx'aria

    Fable - Ask Forgotten Treasures

    It was the dead of night when Vyx chose to make her way towards the city of Elbion. Like with Vel Anir, she was operating alone, doing this to satisfy her own curiosities more than anything. A group of soldiers would attract attention, but one drow wandering around would go largely unnoticed...
  3. Yrael

    Private Tales The Thal'addas Theorem

    The Black Toad was… damp. The pouring rain outside had no trouble winding its way through the warped and broken roof and down through the rafters of the tiny building. Buckets and pots of all sorts had been set around the establishment to catch the drips and streams, and the smell of mildew...
  4. Yrael

    LFG Calling All Thieves

    You receive a letter. It has reached your hands in any number of possible ways. Perhaps a courier handed it to you, perhaps a bird dropped it in your lap, or perhaps it simply appeared at your door. It is sealed with a symbol you do not recognize: a small songbird. It reads: Dear friend, You...
  5. Istra Lejeune

  6. TTamark

    LFG I want to fight the system! MAN!

    Looking for people who would be down to explain the laws of Elbion/the college to Steve. Steve really thought he was doing the right thing so he is confused why he got in trouble. So either he just doesn't understand something or the laws are dumb and should be changed. in the later case nothing...
  7. S

    Open Chronicles Disappearances

    Fallinol Syvis slipped off her horse with all the grace of a falling boulder. Heavy riding boots crashed against the dirt road, her legs bending as she attempted to get some measure of feeling to return to them. "I hate horses." The Professor said quietly to herself. She had always preferred...