1. Vyx'aria

    Quest Invasion of Dhunbor

    OOC:Drow Invasion of the Dwarf city Dhunbor in the Underrealm. Thread is open to anyone on either side! Vyx had been searching for the Duergar city for a long time now. She was still processing the fact that she was named Queen of Zar'Ahal, though nothing changed for now. She was prepared this...
  2. Jazat Mar

    Fable - Ask Sex, Drugs and a Party of Three

    Ashdell was a lovely place. It was in some nice countryside and there were some decent people there as well. As far as Jazat was aware the people there were good for a party as well and he was all about that life. He had been working too hard as a mercenary without actually taking the time out...
  3. Xunari Auceus

    Fable - Ask Meanwhile Up In Heaven

    Xunari had been so busy since the emergence of the two massive dragons and everything that meant. What it meant, it turned out, was a lot of upheaval for the locals around where the dragons had emerged and more chaos across the continent as well. Some people even went so far as to keep looking...
  4. Jazat Mar

    Fable - Ask An Offer They Can't Refuse

    Jazat, as a rule, didn't dislike anyone really because he never saw anything he did as being personal on any real level. It wasn't personal when he killed someone as a mercenary because he was just doing a job; it was personal for whoever had hired him to do the killing, sure, but what did that...
  5. Nefieslab

    LFG Prices May Range - The Allirian Heist

    It's time for a heist - Jazat Mar has need of information on the movements and positioning of the Allirian Rangers. To get that he has discovered that he needs to gain access to maps that only Ranger officers are given access to. These are, obviously, top secret and meant to be kept locked...
  6. Jazat Mar

    Open Chronicles Land of Plenty

    Jazat's opinion of Alliria... was that it had an awful lot of wealth on display in places that would have had said wealth been stolen immediately had the city not been so heavily watched. It was odd to see so many different types of fighters in one place and not actually have a fight be ongoing...
  7. Emril

  8. Vyx'aria

    Fable - Ask A Call To Arms

    Zar’Ahal was in disarray. The queen’s House was under attack by a rival House and she had called upon Vyx’aria to rally the military to help suppress the uprising. House Avairl had chosen to attack out of the blue, calling for the current drow ruler to step down due to decades of inaction...
  9. Erza Kord

  10. Vyx'aria

    Private Tales Breaking And Entering

    Normally Vyx never ventured anywhere without her troops. However, she needed to get within the walls of the human city before striking. As a result, she operated alone after scoping out the grand fortress for a few days. For three days she and her commanders observed the operations of the city...
  11. Xunari Auceus

    The Great Ones (Open) Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

    Xunari was contemplating murder and that was something she did not do lightly. Something really had to go wrong for her to contemplate murdering someone who was directly under her command as well but there were just some crimes that were absolutely unforgivable. In her mind some things were...