1. Khari

    Fable - Ask There's Something About Nira

    Khari sat at the prow of the small boat that she had commissioned to take them up the coast to Nari. There was an excited smile on her face, like a child who was looking out forward to the trip ahead. They had only left Dornoch a few hours ago, but Khari had hardly left her place on the front of...
  2. Ichika

    Private Tales Farmer’s Only

    The first time she had to do this Ichika was only thirteen. To aid a far away village who were struggling due to a severe famine. She’d cried for a week, begging her mother not to send her, and she kept crying as they mounted her atop a midnight colored Pegasus. A female member of the royal...
  3. Lyssia D'avore

    Fable - Ask Fanning the Embers

    "It is a waste of your time to try." She ducked round another corner, feeling the searing heat of the beast behind her. The sound of timbers snapping and stone cracking, the screams of the innocents caught in the path of the beast, all of these things hammered at her. The terror pulsing through...
  4. Griffyn

    Completed Bright Lights

    Dear Father, I have finally arrived in the city of Dornoch, and the people here are proving to be extremely welcoming. Griffyn's quill-hand, arriving at the edge of the page, bumped against the bare forearm of the young lady seated next to him. "Ah." He glanced at her with a quick smile...
  5. Narumi Tsuri

    Private Tales Sisterly Love

    "Is this truly necessary Administrator"? Voicing her displeasure not only vocally, but in action as Narumi crossed her arms stand on the welldeck as the crew of her Doromura rallied behind their captain standing at rest as they knew there was nothing neither captain or crew could do to stop the...
  6. Narumi Tsuri

    Daughter of Matriarch Yuna Tsuri & Captain of the Doromaru
  7. Lyssia D'avore

    Fable - Ask The Fires of the Heart

    It was the screaming that woke Lyssia up from the utter exhaustion of a night spent working tables, doing dishes, and a host of other menial, demeaning tasks for the harridan of a woman that ran this run down inn and watering hole on the edge of Dornoch, jewel of Erdinenn. She sat bolt upright...
  8. Elliot Aldmar

  9. Ichika Tsuri

  10. Elijah

    Open Chronicles The Harvest Tribute

    Dornoch, The Erdeniin Dynasty The Harvest Tribute was a month of celebrations in Dornoch, the Crowning Jewel of the Erdeniin Dynasty. From the first turn of colour in the leaves until the first leaf fall, people from the Tribute states journeyed to their Capital in order to offer gifts of gold...