1. Tybalt the Grey

    Quest To Kill A Demon: Terror of Shoal-Ridge

    “Were we brave men we would never want. But the brave must tread the frightful unknown, the brave accept that death is but a guide, a calming voice in the storm. So it is told to us by the Great Emissary to go in peace and give mercy freely, for we are all strangers in the night. We are all...
  2. Romeo Sin

    Quest The Call of Blood

    Winds of change had come. There was nothing short of jobs around these days, and now with these new currents something was in the air. Stagnant stenches would fill ones nostrils the closer they got the coasts of Taagi Baara, so much so that many were beginning to throw up at the shores. Romeo...
  3. Maridis Va Dori

    Private Tales The Sickening Demon

    Dearest Maridis, Hello friend, I have some work for you. I recently sent another adventurer on an expedition into Amol-Kalit, in search of a rare artifact I wish to acquire. Unfortunately, the lady I sent became sick and died, but not before sending me a letter telling me where she believed the...