dark magic

  1. Ánië Táralóm

    Private Tales Remembering What Might Have Been

    The evening came with what seemed to her to be an unusual chill. But she admitted to herself that this could very well be normal, and so did her best to silence any uncertainty that dwelt within. Though she'd come to remember her name, and a few faces without their own, there was much that still...
  2. Drederick

    Dreadlords Young Relic | Vel Anir

    Faint footfalls, treading over broken steel and bone. Fetid flesh, rotting dead, all left in the wake of his desire. Power. Many years had now passed since he had last laid eyes upon his home, but not even such absence stirred any longing in him. Neither did it stir any contempt, and in fact...
  3. Lara Angiris

    Private Tales The start of a new life

    If I wasn't such an vengeful woman I would have been living peacefully by now. If anything I regret making such a mess of myself, rose would have never wanted me to kill so many people, but what am I to do? I can't simply redeem myself just like that! I need to find a way for me to give myself...
  4. Pandora (character)

    Character I guess.
  5. Aless Frostborn

    Open Chronicles Where Angels Do Not Tread

    The comforting thump of her axe cleaving through a section of log into the splitting stump soothed the racing thoughts that had haunted her since her dream. It was still early morning,the sun just now climbing over the horizon rather than the dim light of false dawn only so easily seen through...
  6. Klor Bishop

    Open Chronicles Divining the Undead

    A light gloomy drizzle had darkened the sky for almost two days now in the sprawling town, a settlement within a league of the great city Vel Anir. The roads soft with mud and rutted with wagon tracks from the various comings and goings to the towns meager market place. In spite of the...