1. Elouise Libelle

    Dreadlords War Games

    Vel Kurez. The city had been a ghost since the revolution. While the main battle had raged in Vel Anir, splinter forces of the revolution had sought the weapons stored in this academic bastion. Some such weapons, however, were volatile. Now the buildings crumbled and the arches hung bare and...
  2. Urchin

    Open Chronicles Underground Fighting Ring

    "Sign up! Place yer bets 'ere! Sign up an' place yer bets 'ere!" a young red headed lad chanted in the crowded, run down old building. The fight tonight was being held in an old, abandoned warehouse on the far side of the Shallows docks where the whores and smugglers frequented. Very out of the...
  3. Sauvan

    Roleplay OOC Annual horse race.

    It's spring, the cherry and peach blossoms bloom in white and intense pinks. This means that it is time for the annual horse race in Kim Kurasi! This is the racetrack. As the wide track which narrows down into the alleys, control will be tested. The alleys work as a chokepoint, if the rider...