1. Vlas

    Fable - Ask Within The Walls

    "Oh yes that will hold me." Vlas commented dryly as iron manacles were fastened about his wrist. The Guardsmen standing in front of him looked at him as though he were a leper. They were all young, younger than him for sure. One of them was a Sergeant, likely just a recruit when Vlas had joined...
  2. Nazara

    Fable - Ask The Blooding

    Yrial - Central Savannah Nazara hated the sun. It wasn't the sort of hated born of weather, the kind you complained about because you got sweaty or because you tended to over heat. It was hatred born of the fact that the sun could fucking kill him if his flesh was ever marred. That was why he...
  3. Tolelajara

  4. Norris

    Fable - Ask A Steady Hand

    Vel Stratholm found itself in need of new governance. That's why this council was summoned, made up of various nobles as well as representatives from all seven of the Great Houses of Vel Anir. Truthfully, Norris was taken aback when he received his invitation to make a case for himself as the...
  5. E

    Open Chronicles Rules of the Game

    Yrai - The Savannah Elise sat in a ostentatiously large carriage slowly winding down one of the only roads leading to the Plains City of Yrai. Opposite her sat another of her fellow dignitaries, and there were several more carriages in the small convoy along with a dozen Dreadlords and over...
  6. Sandbox Djedi Akhmis

  7. Talus

    Open Chronicles The Lights of the West

    Cortos - Ylara Talus kept his eyes forward as he road through the small mountain gate of Ylara, his gaze fixed on the open square that lay just beyond the open archway. He took careful note not to glance towards the guards, all of whom were surprisingly vigilant. A couple hundred years ago...
  8. Bellerophon

    Fate - First Reply The young

    How a small kid like him could get so far from his homeland was a small mystery, but at least an adult was with him and a small band of hired swords. Whatever that combination could even mean. Nicodemus stood by a counter, one of the few other sidereal elves in company, distracted by talking to...
  9. Amankh Kaltar

    Open Chronicles Undeath Finds Its Resting Place

    The Eternum reared to life in the months that passed since the day they first stepped on the Eretejva Tundra, the promise of sanctuary within its snow-touched shores providing a constant motivation. When the scouts had brought their findings back to the camp, a wave of euphoria rapidly spread...
  10. Gilbert Goblinson

    Open Chronicles The Monsters Dioltas

    Dioltas flag The monster-folk from the City of Dioltas have stopped many raids be them from lionfolk, or any other who would attempt to raid the merchants who passed near the city, each soldier wearing the flag of their city, on their breast plate. Each time a diplomat from the city would talk...