1. Douglas Haley

    Fate - First Reply A Caravan Asunder

    Allir Reach Douglas had lost everything so many times it had become the story of his life - a criminal in Elbion after his reported murder of Eimur Emisol , his failure as a mercenary captain during the siege of Alcazar, along with his monumental destruction of a large portion of the city. All...
  2. Petra Darthinian

    Private Tales Between Flames and Shadows

    Rider and dragon, bound by a shared sense of purpose and a thirst for liberation, were out flying during their nightly ritual that had become their sanctuary. In the silent depths of the forest surrounding the Monastery, they took flight, their wings slicing through the velvety darkness. Here...
  3. He Who Chews The Flowers

    Fate - First Reply Would You Tell Me A Story?

    In The Spine - A Ways South of The Eldyr Tree. (Crescent Moon) It had been many a year since He went on any sort of expedition. The Ixchel Wilds had always given him comfort and a place where the animals knew him, and so they had several sleepovers and hunts for food together. But that nice...