black bay

  1. Cassian Laroche

    Open Chronicles Any Port in a Storm

    And a port it had been. Even as the rising sun crept up over the horizon and between the tattered curtain, Cassian knew it was going to be a bad day. A weary intake of breath filled the man's nostrils with the indiscretions of the previous evening. The sweet sickly scent of liquor mixing poorly...
  2. Harrier

    Open Chronicles Been Called Worse By Better

    Cerak At'Thul - the Black Bay. Notorious for slavery, filth, remoteness, and really excellent street meat. I gnawed some kind of fatty lizard off a skewer a chunk at a time. Spices stung my mouth, and I washed it all down with harsh rum. A fine sun rose high as I wandered the crooked roads. The...