1. Zeri Rekani

    Fate - First Reply Like Better Times

    Home. Both familiar and not. The cataclysmic rise of the Great One Neha had broken and tortured the land upon which Bhathairk rested. And even though her fellow tribesorcs had done much to rebuild, still, to Zeri Rekani it was painful to know that travelers who had never visited Bhathairk...
  2. Zeri Rekani

    Completed Remember Bhathairk

    (Following the events of "The Great Ones Beneath" and "Bhathairk: The Aftermath") (Open to anyone and everyone) It started with just an orcish girl--perhaps foolishly, perhaps righteously--at the destroyed Gates of Bhathairk. And Zeri had been incredibly nervous before she even began. When...
  3. Hath Charosh

    Private Tales Return to Bhatairk

    “How…” Scabhair paused, collecting her words as they marched steadily into the shadow of the Bald Mountain. “Are you alright now?” In all the times he had imagined how their reunion would have gone, Hath had never pictured as much talking. In spite of the matter of demons working their way...
  4. Jazat Mar

    Fable - Ask Town Called Malice

    Bhathairk was a strange place. Thankfully they were going through a rainy season because it meant he could actually go outside during the 'day' but apparently even in the rain the number of people just wandering around was rather more than he had expected. Still, he was wandering through the...
  5. Jazat Mar

    LFG 1x1 Wanna get robbed? Let's get robbed!

    As the title suggests I am looking for someone to work with my character as we get robbed by some seedy types around Bhathairk! And then go on a roaring rampage of mild revenge to get our stuff back that may (read: will) contain many twists depending on what we think at the time - it'll be a...
  6. Jazat Mar

    Fable - Ask Cruising for Ghosts in Glass

    Orcs should could build when the mood struck them. Still, Jazat was glad he'd decided to make the trip while the sky looked overcast. The last time he had ventured close to this city it had been to achieve some measure of revenge for his father and he had been forced to wait for nightfall as...
  7. Zeri Rekani

    Fable - Ask Luuruk-Hur, the Coming of Spring

    Zeri missed her shot. Again! And the small herd of Delta Zebra scattered and ran from the watering hole. Retreating away from the grassy clearing and running back among the trees. Zeri sighed. Stood from her hiding spot among the bushes and the trees at the edge of the clearing. And started...
  8. Zeri Rekani

    Fate - First Reply Everybody Starts Somewhere

    (Pixabay) Zeri got the small fire going in the low light of the fading day. She had established a modest camp. A small lean-to tent made of hide, her bedroll laid out beneath it. Her traveling pack she had at the foot of her bedroll. Between two close trees she had tied a line of twine...
  9. Aivrid

    Open Chronicles Hospitality | Bhathairk

    Tag: Urzog Mhartoc What a disgusting little city. Truly wonderful. Part of Aivrid didn't want to go to Bhathairk. It was far from his dealings in Amol-Kalit and the Seret Mountains, and he knew little about the current state of affairs in the great orc city. But he supposed that was part of...
  10. Zeri Rekani

    Zeri Rekani Biographical information Birthplace Born Died Age 19 Home Bhathairk Physical description Race H...
  11. Lazule

    Completed The Amalgamation

    3KM OUT (Lie Origine by V-nom) Through the fulfillment of an ancient rite, It comes. From the south and driven as if by destiny straight toward Bhathairk. And Arethil shook in Its wake. * * * * * A messenger, fatally wounded and utterly terrified, arrived in Bhathairk. He pleaded...
  12. Lazule

    LFG Bhathairk Emergency: The Amalgamation Comes

    A messenger, fatally wounded and utterly terrified, arrives in Bhathairk. He pleads desperately to speak with the Council of Elders. And to them he delivers this succinct message: The city... Must be evacuated... It's coming. RUN.
  13. Lazule

    Completed A messenger arrives in Bhathairk

    A messenger, fatally wounded and utterly terrified, arrives in Bhathairk. He pleads desperately to speak with the Council of Elders. And to them he delivers this succinct message: The city... Must be evacuated... It's coming. RUN.
  14. Uruk Brightsmile

    Uruk Brightsmile Biographical information Birthplace Bhathairk Born Died Age 32 Home None Physical description ...
  15. Heskan

    Open Chronicles Aren't We All Running?

    Heskan Noscales walked through the many stalls and tables of Bhathairk's great bazaar. He wore a long dark blue cloak that had seen better days. Even though he was far from the monastery, he took great caution to hide his appearance and to cover up his tattoos he didn't want a fight on his hands...
  16. Verys Synsere

    Private Tales Chapter One: Survival In the Wild

    The “road less traveled” could definitely be used to describe many roads, but not this one. It was one of the wide, well-tended roads that lead towards the the orcish city of Bhathairk, oft-traveled and thoroughly mapped. The dirt underneath was packed solid, in many places having been replaced...
  17. Bashuk

    Open Chronicles Back to Civilisation

    Bumper was mad at her. She could tell by the way his ears pointed backwards and she shook her head everytime Bashuk reached to touch her. For the most part, Bashuk ignored the stubborn horse and its mean temperament, but as the sun began to rise illuminating the top of Bald Mountain and the...
  18. The Company of the Moon

    The Company of the Moon are one of the better known mercenary groups to emerge in the last period of widespread warmongering. In the years since the fragile peace holds among the recuperating states, they have faded in number and reputation, but many b