1. Rolegg Magmasworn

    Fable - Ask Up is Down

    Rolegg furrowed his brows, studying the map in his hands. A fat, sausage-like finger tapped it a few times, almost as if he were shaking a compass to make it point towards north. With pursed lips, the duergar spent an agonizing several minutes in the pitch darkness of the cave trying to make...
  2. Nathaira

    Private Tales Alpine Getaway

    It might have been the strangest job Nathaira had ever been assigned. The Forsaken were versatile tools. Usually they were swords, killing and destroying, but from time to time they were keys, opening paths and stealing important items. She was a key today, but what was truly unusual was the...
  3. Arumi Shacen

    Open Chronicles Lost In the Open

    It was cold here. Cold, desolate, and lonely. Arumi hated the cold, but he loved the mountains. They felt like home. He sat perched upon a massive wall carved out of the living rock, part of a structure the delved deep into the mountain face and reared out into the spaces between. It had been...
  4. Helna

    Open Chronicles Every Journey Needs A Start

    3 days prior, at the Snow-Wolves settlement within the Spine "<<Are you sure about this?>>" Helna's dearest friend, Ulgyth, stood close by as the she-orc continued to pack her bag, brows furrowed. "<<Have you even spoken to Kalhe about this? What does she think?>>" Helna paused to look at the...
  5. Battle of Lor Holdram (Belgrath)

    *Battle Site:* - Lor Holdram, Southern Spine *Attackers:* - Legion of Molthal - 6,000 blight orcs and goblin auxiliaries, several hill giants *Defenders:* - Dwarven-Human Coalition - Several hund
  6. Gerra

    Completed The Siege of Belgrath

    “Dwarves have left Belgrath. . . Though once this city was occupied by over a million of their kind, now only a few thousand remain within the city center of Belgrath itself.” MOLTHAL The voice spake with restless, volcanic fury and the very walls, though hewn dark and grim, didst tremble...
  7. Lagakh

    LFG 1x1 Looking for some orcishness.

    If anyone is interested, I'm not sure I know how to write an orc. But I'd like to give it a try. Message me if you are interested or post here, I'm sure we can figure something out in the Spine (or beyond).
  8. Raigryn Vayd

    Private Tales A new world

    Norther peak of Aberresai Savannah, one month later. They had travelled along the coast to keep from the dangers of the savanna. Some of the orc tribes there did not take kindly to humans crossing their territory. They had kept the endless ocean on their left and followed a well worn trail...