1. Geladryx

    Open Chronicles The Razing of Grayshore

    Grayshore The Allir Reach Early Morning The Sayve River had soured. Weeks ago the Dragon had completed a ritual to befoul the waters causing them to run black with decay and necrosis. The Dark Magic instilled in the waters of the sayve caused sickness where it spread, it could kill the weak...
  2. Geladryx

    Roleplay OOC Defenders of Grayshore?

    The Dragon, Geladryx has plans to to attack the town of Grayshore in the Allir Reach with the Orc's that have rallied to him. Depending on how the battle goes the Dragon plans to expand his domain and the domain of the Orcs following him into the Allir Reach which could limit the influence of...
  3. general la'ue

    Private Tales the crystal of darkness

    in a random bar in vel anir...... the bar was loud and roudy with humans, my comrades and i chose to sit further towards the back of the room. my second in command my medic and my mage are all thats left of what was a large contingent of soldiers sent to this land by our king to find artifacts...
  4. White Swallow

    LFG Skirmish for Taimin.

    Taimin, an oasis village in Amol-Kalit by the mountains. How'd we feel like a smol skirmish on the control over it? The reasoning behind could be vast and open-ended, so my initial idea is vague to be better appropriated for other writers.
  5. L

    Open Chronicles The Red Hand

    Northern Cortos - The Razor Plains Leon wrenched his sword free, the man beneath his boot letting out one last guttural grunt of pain before he finally expired. For a moment The Inquisitor simply stood there, a frown lacing across his lips before he slowly looked up. Surrounding him were...
  6. White Swallow

    Completed Path

    (OOC: mediators/unaffiliated have the freedom to walk everywhere without getting attacked, including the inside of the temple and converse with anyone, whether they're named or not) Two forces stood at opposing ends. On one end, atop the rolling dune, Amir Danush Ibn Shiys stood at the helm...
  7. White Swallow

    Open Chronicles Skirmish in the Sands

    Amir Farid Ibn Baha was the ruler of a glorious city and it's vassals at the foothils of the Seret mountains. He is well known in the region and his dynasty ruled this land for generations. Something that was rarely found among the ever changing politics of Amol-Kalit. His favour with the gods...
  8. Lazule

    Completed Only Joy

    A dire wolf in the Reach. Rabid. The beast salivating as it walked along the forest floor and its large paws crushed the leaves and grasses and little fallen twigs. Whistling. Shrieking through the trees. And the Javelin of Light struck the dire wolf and its body exploded. A catastrophic spray...
  9. O

    Quest The Battle of the Blades: The Assault

    Owen lay in his bunk below deck. The swaying of the mighty warship, the Braun Virak, on the waters of the Cortosi Coast. The berth was tight and cramped. Bunks made to be lean and three high. In his hand he held two dice. Shifted them around. Watched absently the different numbers as they...
  10. Faerlin

    Private Tales Just Deserters

    If Faerlin was in charge, the keep where the deserters had holed up would already be a charred husk. Unfortunately for her (and luckily for the rest of the troops, which even she would admit if pressed), she wasn’t in charge of strategy and tactics. It wasn’t that she had a bad head for them...
  11. O

    LFG - Quest The Battle of the Blades

    The great war machine of Vel Anir has been awakened. And it has a clear objective: Rescue Kristen Pirian, and annihilate the forces of The Master of the Blades. Hey everyone. VigiloConfido (Anima) here. I've been preparing a big battle thread. Approximately ~1000 vs ~1000. Anirian Guard...
  12. Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk

    Quest The Siege of Belgrath Part 2: Battle of Irithul

    2 Days had passed since the Siege began... The battlefield was laden with dead. Both Dwarf and Orc corpses lay still on the hard ground, harsh in the daylight. Blood sank back into the soil, running rivers underneath the ground on which soldiers still fought. The Steel of Molthal clashing with...