alliria outskirts

  1. Dominic Valentino

    Private Tales The Watering Hole

    "1-1-1...2." A meaty right hook slammed into the ribcage section of a wooden dummy, snapping the dummy in half. Damn, that was the third one today. He had only been at his workout for an hour. He would need to be more careful until the boys could get the next supply of practice dummies. It...
  2. Ziganni

    Open Chronicles The Red Cloak.

    The last thing you'd remember before you got yourself in this predicament is travelling from Alliria towards the direction of Elbion. It was a well trodden path you'd travelled the last place you'd expect anything to happen with it's busy foot traffic. As you were travelling on this path you...
  3. Alteria Eos

    Private Tales Old World Clues

    The sun was close to setting when Alteria arrived in the city of Alliria. He had been on the road for weeks, but if all goes well, he only needed to stop in the city for a night to restock before he heads out once more, and hopefully with another pair of hands or two with him. Though he had...