The Family



The Family is an assassin group catering to high class clientele across Arethil.


The Family is ruled by a form of counsel, a group of authoritative individuals called "The Ancestors".
They are a monolithic group that make decisions collectively, ruling from the shadows of the organization without showing their faces or revealing their identities.

Below the Ancestors in authority is the Elders, or Grandparents. Veteran members that pass along the orders of the Ancestors, deal with legal issues, hand out contracts to the lower members and otherwise act as site administration for different branches of the family.
They act as leaders to their particular branch of the family.

Next in the hierarchy are the parents. Experienced members that take on contracts, train the field agents and serve as mentors to the lower members of the family.

Finally the children. The children of the family serve as its main body of agents and assassins, all of them trained up from childhood to obediently follow orders and to kill in the most efficient way possible, or according to client preference.


It's hard to say when The Family truly came into existence, whether it's ancient or fairly new. Indeed it's often difficult to confirm whether they currently exist at all except as cautionary tales to nobility and high profile individuals to watch their backs.


Behind the vail, the family has been working behind the scenes from hundreds of years, altering the world and the political landscape for as long as anyone can remember.


The Family has an extreme recruitment and training regime.
They pull children under the age of five out of the orphanages of Arethil and immediately begin brainwashing and indoctrinating them. The goal is to program them into the most efficient, obedient, professional and cold-blooded killers the world has ever known.

Lack of emotion, that is the biggest feature of any Family assassin. They feel nothing for anything, least of all those they kill. But that is not to say that this makes them identifiable, they are experts in disguise, able to adopt persona's at the drop of a hat, giving themselves emotional expression and personality indistinguishable from the emotionless reality.

Their calmness and lack of feeling means they don't hesitate, their shots do not waver, they do not lose their head in any situation. They are able to act and reason logically through the lense that the completion of their mission is absolute over everything, even their own lives.

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