Biographical information
Physical description
Fae, Black Shuck Female Varies, 3' at shoulder Athletic Black Fur Red or White
Political information
Unseelie Court Church Grim
Out-of-character information
Peony Jenna Barton

A fae whose name has been stolen from her, Shuck believes she is a simple church grim.


Currently shackled to her canine form, Shuck appears as a large black dog. Standing 3' at the shoulder (and capable of stretching her form to become much larger), she is a very large black dog with long, elegant features and a thick black coat. Her eyes generally appear a pale, eerie white, stark against her dark coat. When using magic or when not concealing her true fae nature, they appear to be red.

Skills and Abilities

In her current state, Shuck's magic is limited. She is unaware of most of her natural gifts, and is still discovering what she can do.

Truesight. Familiar with darkness, Shuck can see as well at high noon as she can at midnight on a new moon. She can also see outlines in magical darkness.

Shadowform. Becoming one with her inner darkness, Shuck can inhabit shadows for what she assumes is an unlimited amount of time. She spends the majority of her daytime hours in this manner.

Otherworldly Glare. A powerful glamour that charms her target. Under this charm, the target obeys her command, but it can be broken by an "iron will".

Terrifying Howl. Persons with lesser strength of will can be struck with terror at the sound of her howl.

Iron and Silver Weakness. A true creature of darkness, Shuck is not only allergic to iron but also silver. Both can do powerful harm against her.

Nameless. Without her name, she is incapable of wielding her true strength and cannot access a greater wealth of gifts and magical abilities.


Shuck is currently nameless, and has no idea who or what she is. She believes that she is a church grim, tethered to a remote church and charged with protecting it from intruders. However, she is curious in the world around her and in discovering herself. She feels restless in her duties, and wonders if there is more to her life than being a church grim.


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