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Alliria 18 Alliria
Physical description
Human Male 5'5" 130 lbs Black Deep Blue Light Toned
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None Freelancer
Out-of-character information
Sage 22/2/2019 Haruka Nanase


Sage is an adorable little thing that likes to wear over-sized clothes. He likes to keep his hygiene perfect, maintaining his skin and hair in its perfect form. His hair is quite long but is neatly put in order. His eyes are as blue as the deep ocean. His normal expression is usually calm and serene but his mood can change at any time. His body is fit but isn't that bulky.

Skills and Abilities

Sage's greatest trait is his mind. His creativity and problem solving skills are exceptional and he is also a fast learner. This made him wise in his decisions and he utilizes this ability to win a battle or get out of a desperate situation. He also uses this ability to learn more of the art of magic.

His main ability is his empathy. He can feel what others are feeling to an extent that he can precisely describe what the feeling is like even though he didn't go through what the other person were. This ability enables him to connect deeper with others and even see through lies and deceptions.

Celestial Magic. The knowledge of this magic had been passed down for generations by his ancestors but was stopped by his grandparents as they wanted their children to not carry the burden they did. But after Sage's family was completely assassinated he found an underground lair that stored scrolls of the knowledge of Celestial Magic, which he soon start to study to protect himself and the people he loves in the future. Celestial magic is capable of utilizing the cosmic energy from outer space by making 'wormholes' that teleport the cosmic energy to the earth from the outer space. The users are also capable of disrupting the time-space continuum but within a reasonable limit.


Sage likes to smile a lot and he also gives off this warm calm aura wherever he go, depending on his mood though. He is very sensitive to things due to his empathy, a slight slur can shift his whole day around and so can a hug or a kiss. However, he likes to keep things calm and at peace.
He can be quite a shy person at first and he would never engage first. But once someone engage to him and he starts to bring his guard down, people will find that Sage is a happy go lucky person and likes to enjoy things how they are. When he is angry or tilted about something he would usually sigh it off as he doesn't like to keep grudges or bottle things up. He will usually be direct to a person, but not that literal nor inconsiderate of the other party's feelings.

He likes sweet things like candies and desserts. But especially sweet people, he can't handle flirtatious people as he blushes very easily, he is sensitive. He takes care of people he loves very thoughtfully, he was reminded how limited the amount of people that are valuable to him in his life and he would go all out on them.
He likes to keep things slow and steady, rushing things will usually stress him out as he need time to think about the issue. But in a battle or in a desperate situation his mind will usually work on its own and immediately tell Sage what is the best action he can take.

Biography & Lore

Sage was born in Alliria and was raised by his parents and grandparents. But at the age of 7 his family was assassinated by an unknown organization but his grandparents used the last of their magic to keep him safe. He was then raised in an orphanage but he kept his distance from the other kids and everybody else and kept his sorrow bottled up inside him. He turned a little bit emotionless during his teenage years. At the age of 18 the orphanage released him as he was officially a grown man. He went back to his parents' place and discovered a hidden lair where he found scrolls of magic knowledge. He then started to learn the magic on his own and started a freelance job.


Social, Romance, Magic, Battles

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