Basic Information

  • Plague Hag
  • Plague Troll
  • Plague Maiden
Mild, but can decimate a settlement with disease only attack if threatened
Physical description
human sized long arms, filthy rags, walk bent low
Out-of-character information
Esao Andrews
In many areas there is folklore of the Pesta. They are typically described as old crones in a black hood that brings with her pestilence that can decimate an entire town. She is the personification of the Black Death. It is said that to look upon the face of a Pesta to to invite certain death from the plague.

Several decades ago a group of college magicians set out to validate these folk myths. What they found was a small species of troll that had been displaced from their natural habitat. Covered in virulent warts and with disease-ridden gums, small groups of these trolls will often steal from a settlements food stores at night. Whilst carriers, they seem to live through a wide range of diseases.

They are quick and powerful, with a bite that can leave a fatal infection.

However, this story is often disputed. Many clerics argue that the Pesta is a form of undead creature that comes to plague a town living in sin.
Categories: Monsters, Trolls

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