Non-Sentient Species

Welcome to the Non-Sentient Species Creation section of Chronicles.

What this Area is for

In here you may post a non-sentient species creation page. Please head to the Guide we have available on the Guides page to start.

At ChroniclesRP we love and share in the creation of new fantastic stories and locations. However, to keep our Wiki organized we ask that you document non-sentient species carefully. Only document a species if you are actually going to use them.

What are the guidelines for content in this Area

Resource Guide

General Guidlines

  • Non-sentient species should be reasonably balanced in their traits.
  • Read the Non-Sentient Species Creation Guide prior to creating a page for a non-sentient species.
  • All non-sentient species pages require in-character references to roleplay threads on the board prior to submission. We ask you have some roleplay references for your creation before writing the article itself.
  • Ensure at least the basics of the Son-Sentient Species Creation template is complete.
  • There is no formal non-sentient species approval. If a non-sentient species is reported for being overpowered or the page for being inappropriate staff will review your non-sentient species.
  • You must not use a direct copy and paste of a Canon species from an existing IP.
  • Please add sensible tags and use the listed categories to your page to make it easy to sort and find.

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