Mr. Raven

Mr. Raven

Biographical information
Amol-Kalit 32 Elbion
Physical description
Human Male 6'3" 190lb black red pale
Political information
Cult of Destruction Serial Killer
Out-of-character information
TTamark Jan 9, 2019


Raven is a tall man, he wears unholy robes of Hissut to show he is a cleric of their's. He has red eyes and black hair, and a small beard.

Skills and Abilities

-He is a cleric of Hissut's so he can channel his energy to injure, and destroy.
-He has learned to also summon creatures that enjoy destruction, because he can't just destroy everything alone, but he'd hate not to destroy everything.
-He also can become Dr. Nevar


Raven is a cruel and malicious man who enjoys making others suffer. He puts his enjoyment above all else. He also sometimes becomes Dr. Nevar

Biography & Lore

He was born a slave to worshipers of Tabin-Ur. He was constantly beaten and abused growing up, this caused him to eventually have a split in his personality. As the years went by each grew to become their own entity and reacted to their difficult circumstances differently. The one known as Nevar devoted its self to Maskat so that he could help others, believing the world needed to be saved. The personality known as Raven devoted its self to Hissut to gain power for revenge, believing he world needed to be punished. Some where along the line however Nevar began to feel that saving the world through healing might not be enough, but the only real way to save it would be to amass power so that he could stop evil before it could act. Nevar as theirfore left Maskat for the pursuit of power instead. He still refuses however to personally cause any destruction, and has therefore focused his studies into the branch of magic known as enchantment.


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