Maeve of the Ilcinki Tribe

Maeve of the Ilcinki

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Ilcinki 18 None
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Erainn Female 5ft 11 Fae-Light Red Green Pale
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Selene Regener


Maeve was kissed by the fae which means she possess the rare traits of her people of having red hair and green eyes. Amongst the dark haired of her kind it marks her as being Chosen and Beloved of the Seildhe. As well as their colourful hair and eyes she also seems to have been gifted with their tall and slender forms whilst remaining very light on her feet. She has a regal disposition and carries herself well when she walks, appearing almost to glide over the ground rather than tread on it.

Despite her willowy appearance Maeve is relatively strong as befitting her people, though her muscles are geared towards horsemanship and hunting, which is what her people are most known for on the flats of the island.

Like with most of her people Maeve has a series of blue tribal ink she wears across various parts of her body.

Skills and Abilities

The skills of her people: Maeve is well rehearsed in the things her kind consider important such as hunting and fighting with a sword and shield, though she prefers the bow and javelin approach. As befitting her rank of Princess she is also well rehearsed in languages, literature and arithmetic.

Call of the Wind: Due to her brush with the fae from a young age Maeve has unusual abilities which manifest themselves at random moments throughout her life. The most potent of these is the voice in the wind which she is able to call on for aid in times of great stress. Of course, this could just be a creature she cannot see...


Maeve is a fiercely independent and stubborn and fights tooth and nail to claw back control over her own life which has never seemed to be her own. She has a rebellious streak and likes to intentionally cause mischief, but she is ultimately loyal to her people deep in her heart. She can show an unusual amount of gentleness for people and at times could be described as quite a pleasant girl to be around.

Due to who she is and her past she is often quite shy or nervous around others and prefers her own company to that of others. She has a quick temper but she is learning to keep it in check. She is incredibly intelligent for one of her kind which fuels her curiosity of life.

Biography & Lore

Maeve was born incredibly sick to the King and Queen of the Ilcinki Tribe. As their only daughter they were desperate to save her. It was not unusual for the people of their isles to make pacts with the Seildhe, but they were made by the person when they were of age in return for gifts or favours. The King took his baby girl to the sacred groves and pleaded for her life in return for any favour they called. A male Seildhe appeared and agreed to grant the request in return for the girls hand of marriage when she became of age, and promised that she would live a long life in his realm. The king agreed and the pact was made. As it transpired the Seildhe had taken a piece of the girls soul and replaced it with a part of his own in order to save her life, giving her a touch of their magic and gifts.

Maeve grew up in a happy family and became a model Princess. She was apt in the art of horse riding, a prized skill amongst her people, and showed a true talent for the bow and hunting. Like all Princesses she enjoyed doing anything but her royal duties and would often sneak out of the palace to go on her wild adventures. It was on these adventures that the Seildhe who had saved her life would appear to her. At first, when she was younger, she treated their friendship as a treasured thing and spoke nothing of it, but as she grew older he revealed the truth of her parents promise to him.

She was appalled they had made such a deal and confronted her parents about the matter. The truth was shattering to her, knowing she would one day be taken from this world with no say in the matter. Even worse was the knowledge her parents had agreed to it. As her 18th birthday approached, the day she was due to be collected, Mae ran.

She had been learning of the lands beyond her isles and believed them to be safe from the Seildhe who had a claim to her being.


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