Biographical information
Laigin 427 Laigin
Physical description
Duanann Fae Male 6'5" Athletic Black Dark Gold Sunkissed
Political information
Prince of the Autumn Court
Out-of-character information
Floof https://favim.com/image/5223145/

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Lórcan is implausibly handsome, from the depths of his dark, golden eyes, to the allure of his sonorous voice. He is either impressively undressed, or impeccably dressed, there is no in between. He is usually dressed in dark tones that accentuate his eyes, and his clothes are always pristine; sharp and well tailored. He carries himself with absolute assurance and a simple smile holds a magnetic and seductive charm.

One of Lórcan's abilities involves shifting into the form of a large raven. Whilst the appearance of the raven speaks for itself, he is also able to hold a partial shift. Dark wings of silken feathers appear from a cloud of shadow on his back, strong enough to carry him high and far, and at will he can swap fingernails for razor-sharp talons.

Skills and Abilities

Magick: Across Arethil are magical ley lines which Fae can tap into. These lines connect centres of magical power meaning that when in areas with a higher concentration of magic their abilities are stronger. Magick is borrowed by Fae from these lines and can be stored in their bodies to be used as well as be tapped into during times of need. As this is raw power it can often take many forms dependant on need, though they are governed by the same laws of magic as every other creature of Arethil - despite the myths.

The most manifestations of this magic include:
  • Glamours
  • Wards
  • Travel via ley line
  • Elemental magicks
Mental Grip: Lórcan has the ability to step into minds, whether it be to retrieve information, to alter memory, to create illusion or to cause pain. He is often used in Court dealings to carry mental torture under his father's command, and has been known to have tortured countless to the point of insanity and, if his father wills it, death.

Elemental Alignment: Lórcan's natural elements are air and fire, giving him the ability to manipulate both.

Celestial Alignment: Lunar.

Animal Form: Raven.


With a father like the Erlking, it would be impossible for Lórcan not to be cold and cruel when he wants to be. He is incredibly guarded, and though his bedroom door is generally always open, his heart is not. He has a fun-loving and roguish charm about him, and his silver tongue almost always gets him whatever he wants. After the suffering he has undergone, it would take a fair amount of chipping away to find any real warmth, if it is even still there at all..

Biography & Lore

His father, the ErlKing Midir, casts a very large, very cold shadow over his only son. Lórcan’s life was one of expectation, that he may one day rule the Autumn Court, and that he may do it precisely as his father had. Ever rebellious and ever a disappointment, Lorcan was simply interested in enjoying his life and all that it had to offer. He revelled in his own name and the beautiful women, whether fae, mortal or otherwise that threw themselves at his feet.

Given that the Kingship is dependent on a Fae's strength, his father would often serve him harsh challenges and tests, each one more brutal than the last. The harshest of which came some years ago after the Erlking found out that Lórcan had given his heart to a mortal woman. This was not to be tolerated, and the King took his son's love to bed under the glamoured guise of the Prince, claiming her body before taking her life. Lórcan, forced by his father to hold his raven form, could not intervene. Both his hatred and his fear of his father swelled, and his heart was shattered from that day forth.


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