Marion Croissec

Biographical information
The Inner City, Alliria 19
Physical description
Human Female 5' 2" 98lbs Blonde Blue White
Political information
Sewer dweller
Out-of-character information


If you stopped and squinted at Itch, there is a chance that you would see a pretty young woman. However, refocus your eyes and you would be quick to see what happens when you leave pretty young women in the dark and damp for several years.

Itch is on the shorter side for a woman but not unusually so, however, she is certainly underweight and malnourished for her height. Her blonde hair is a matted mystery that would break most hairbrushes that even dared to approach it, whereas her flesh is a sallow canvas caked in a layer of filth and sores. Evidently, living in sewer systems is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Her style of dress is entirely makeshift, Itch does what she can with what she can find, opting for warmth and comfort in dark and neutral colours over anything else and she never throws anything out unless it is truly beyond repair. This, she would describe as vagrant chic and hey, she has lots of pockets!

The one thing of note, the stands out beyond the drab, the drenched and the dirty, is a small green stone necklace that never seems to lose its shine. Although it is almost always hidden beneath her garments, which is not ideal since it leaves a peculiar red mark around where it sits.


Despite everything you've just read, Itch isn't nearly as unpleasant as she smells.

While her unfortunate situation has dampened her spirits somewhat, she's still somewhat upbeat when in contact with anybody who isn't a small rodent. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have, when life gives you lemons, you eat them to avoid contracting scurvy.

At heart she's a lonely girl, who keeps to herself out of a necessity rather than a want to be alone. Like other people her age Itch would love to have friends beyond sewer rats but understands why she cannot.

On a scale of morality Itch isn't a terrible person. She understands right from wrong in a grand moral sense but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of truth telling and larceny it gets a touch muddied. The girl wouldn't steal from a beggar, but from somebody that has more than enough food? That's perfectly fine. Sharing is caring, after all.

Skills and Abilities

The sewer-dweller has a handful of abilities that very much suits her current surroundings, most notably, her ability to communicate with and command rats. Thankfully, instead of attempting to bring a pandemic to the streets of Alliria she uses this skill to steal and share food with her furry comrades. They also make great sentries.

Another talent that Itch possesses is an ability to camouflage herself into her surroundings. While the girl doesn't quite turn invisible, she can often stand still and seemingly blend into the background; at least, to the untrained eye. Perhaps it is a skill that could be honed with practice, but there's really not that many people to hide from in Alliria's sprawling sewer system.

While not a skill of any kind, a notable feature of Itch is that she always seems to be mildly ill. Whether it be a cough, a sniffle, a headache or a dodgy tummy. These minor ailments are seemingly incurable and yet somehow not contagious. A terrible ability, really.

Filthbringer's Bane

The hidden necklace that Itch carries around her neck does not seem remarkable at first glance, but there's something about it that one can't quite put their finger on.

For starters, it never grows dull or dirty, no matter where it has been and the stone always seems to catch light to shimmer, even in the darkest of night. It is truly jewellery designed for those with an inner-magpie, practically calling out for all those who loves shinies to come and take it.

In fact, it does call out.

It is not noticeable at first, it merely catches the eye as a pretty trinket but with time and proximity the necklace will begin to whisper into the minds of those around it. It longs for a new owner and begs to be pilfered once more. The influence of the whispers is a subtle one, like a scratching in the back of the head that grows the longer one spends more time around it.

Resisting the call is a matter of willpower, some need only be around the necklace for a week before the desire to take it is too great, and yet others can completely refuse the temptation no matter how much time has passed. When the necklace is no longer in direct proximity the desire seems to vanish, much like when you wander into the kitchen and forget why you went in there in the first place.

Itch is aware of this siren's call and as a precaution tries to keep to herself and not spend too much time in the company of others. It is a lonely solution, but it is an absolute necessity.

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