Eren’Thiel Xyrdithas

Erën’Thiel Xyrdithas

Biographical information
Falwood 644 Falwood
Physical description
Elf Male 1.85 m 88 kg Blond Green Fair
Political information
Fal’Addas, Celestialism, Mal'Esia Aeraesar Knight of Mal'Esia Aeraesar
Out-of-character information
Xyrthidas Aube

For as long as collective memory could serve, the ancestral line of Xyrdithas has dwelt deep in the forests. In a fortress city named Sharyrdaes within the elven realm of Mal'Esia Aeraesar located in the eastern Falwoods; an ancient and persisting theocracy has endured for uncounted centuries. All of the Aeraesarian elves are born into the “Order of the Undying Light,” with belief in the divinity of both the Celestial Pantheon, and also Fal’Addareth as their “creator.” The name of their order is analogous of the Celestial god Tychan. It is written that he himself came to the aid of elves in their darkest hour of the Noxomarchy, and that he brought with him Nykios.

Though there has been debate regarding details, it is believed that the order’s founding patriarch was a student of Nykios following these events and came to the lands that became Mal'Esia Aeraesar after the exodus. It is believed he was led there by the inspiration of the gods. There he erected the great temple in Sharyrdaes, and eventually an entire kingdom around an artifact believed to be a divine gift. They know this artifact, an enormous resonating crystal, as the “Tear of Tychan.” This artifact has shaped the entirety of this society and has been used in magical practice.

All of the Aeraesarian elves have demonstrated natural talents for magic in varying degree, and this is largely attributed to their proximity to the Tear which they believe has heightened their aptitude over generations. Not only this, but the stone has been harvested and used in various applications such as weaponry, armor and even trinkets, so that any and all Aeraesarian elves are in possession of a shard of the stone. Practically, it has been used to channel magical energy at an immediately lower cost, but satiated with a slow and persistent draw and an added cost of interest. Over generations, this constant proximity has yielded telepathic properties, in which any Aeraesarian with sufficient exposure and possession of stone shard can feel the presence, and in some cases intent or more rarely even thoughts of another possessor. In times passed this has only ever served the order for good and has aided to maintain an unhindered prosperity. Of the three castes in his order Eren is of the “Mysael": the eyes, ears, and arms of the order - often abroad throughout the land in the name of righteousness. It is for this reason he still lives and breathes.

For all the order’s merit they were apparently not without fault, and a day of reckoning had come upon them. Throughout all the order a great horror was felt from their home, and then a terrible void. The Mysael or “Swords,” perceiving this occurrence, gathered from across Arethil back to their capital. They returned to find their lands twisting with evil and cast in shadow, and the great watchtower which once rose up from the temple high above the treetops – felled into a sprawling ruin. After retaking their scarred temple, the remnants of the Aeraesarians have persevered in the midst of the vile curse befallen their lands, contending to keep its evils at bay. Most now dwell once again in Sharyrdaes, but with many of their people now gone the majority of the surviving Aeraesarian elves have adapted to fill the roles of the fallen castes, dedicated to the religious leadership and scholarly pursuits, and the stewardship of the temple city and now the surrounding forests.

A select few continue to uphold their old appointments, in the hopes that their order may yet redeem themselves in the eyes of their gods.


Like many elves of the Mal'Esia Aeraesar, Erën inherited a fair visage: flaxen locks and opaque skin reminiscent of winter morning’s snow. Beneath his heavy brows a pair of glaring sage colored eyes wreathed with a deep blue, conveying a silent and weariness. His face was strong with prominent cheek bones, full lips and a square jaw for an elf, more like a human’s. Upon his face often rests a scornful look of distain or mild irritation, and about him an ever present and invisible aura of shadow and remorse.

To cover his frame he wore a tattered, heavy, and hood cloak of faded royal blue, bearing dark coloured embroidery of his temple’s seal and twirling edging embellishments, clasped by a silver brooch embedded with blue gemstone to the right of his collar. Beneath, well-crafted but also well-worn armor and dark clothing of obvious elven design which allowed him a great range of motion and sufficient protection. He wore a light breastplate and plackart over chainmail and instead of fauld, tasset, and cuisse, several layers of linen under leather, laced trousers, and heavy leather boots. His left arm was clad in complete armor with a gnarled blackened gauntlet and heavy pauldron, while his right arm was relatively scant - covered only in leather and a light vambrace.

Skills and Abilities

From a young age Erën displayed an acute ability with the sword and found it to be his most trusted asset. His preference is to wield two – one a longer, more forceful design, and a shorter defensive blade. His reliance is more on speed and accuracy than strength, which his agile elven frame is best suited for. And while he shares the apparent proficiency with a bow most elves boast, Erën suffers from a strange ailment which causes his vision to falter when attempting to sight in a target. For this reason, he does not carry a bow but instead relies on magic as his ranged arsenal.

A lifetime of rigorous training in the ways of his once prosperous people have granted him a deep foundation in the magical arts. The Elves of Aeraesar have always exhibited an inherent aptitude, however some of course were more blessed than others. Erën is capable enough in the use of magic, but he is far from the strongest magic users his Order has produced, nevertheless his prowess has proven a most useful tool at his disposal. He possesses the ability to channel magic through the power of thought, drawing on his own natural well of magical energy he calls “Seil” to fuel it. Doing so can prove incredibly tiring very quickly, and this is simply because of the concentration required to simply think something into being. This process has been mitigated by use of the “Seilal Mysyrn,” or the “Tear of Tychan,” which aids him in the manifestation of his magic – at a cost.


- Warrior: Swordplay is by far his most refined skill and he is physically strong by elf standards, making him capable if wielding many different types. But as well as this Erën is versed in many techniques of unarmed combat and is capable of competently defending himself without weaponry. He will not typically attack this way.

- Hunter: Life in the forest has afforded him many skills required to track many types of prey. Though his diet is primarily vegetarian, he is in fact a herbivore and once or perhaps twice a month will seek more lively nutrition. These skills have aided him in many ways.

- Rider: Erën’s relationship with wildlife is a healthy one. His years of training has developed his discipline to an extent where he can calm his energies to be pleasing to simpler minded beings of Arethil, such as horses and the like. This although is not fool-proof and is relatively useless with more vibrantly disobedient creatures who require pure domination over subtleties.

- Literacy: His ability to read and write in Elven is superb, and he can understand dwarf texts with relative proficiency.

- Magic: Much of Erën’s merit on the battlefield stems from his affluence with magic. While he is a formidable warrior in his own right his magical capabilities bolster him that much more, aiding in his elevation to among the greatest of his caste. His energies are generated using the power of thought and are fueled by his own natural reserve of energy that he refers to as Seil. Using Seil it is possible that he could learn an uncountable variety of magical powers, but to manifest energy into a physical form from thought is incredibly taxing and is alleviated by repetition and understanding of the desired act. For this reason, he has chosen to train in a handful of techniques and master them rather than to be a mage of all tricks.

Erën’s use of magic is visibly evident in brilliant displays, with almost all his powers appearing as crackling lighting or a blue wispy aura about him before taking shape. In addition, his ability to channel his magic instantly requires a piece of the Seilal Mysyrn to be on him or very close-by, otherwise he is removed from the artifacts benefits and it takes him several moments to “charge” his magic with immediate cost.

· Celestial Strike: this is an attack that appears like bright blue lightning, and can be exerted in a number of ways: at a single target, or several in close proximity to each other at a distance of several meters, or in the form of an electrical orb around his being encompassing little more than a meter. These are quickly dissipated.

· Pillar of Tychan: this skill creates a transparent shield in front of his being, capable of deflecting many conventional and magical attacks. This however requires a great deal of concentration usually rendering him immobile and is only effective when it is first erected and for a short time after, quickly dissipating afterward unless bolstered with more Seil.

· Strength of Nykios: Erën can also use his Seil to bolster his physical abilities by augmenting his strength, speed, dexterity, and stamina for brief instances of a few moments. Depending on the frequency and overall exertion, this skill can be used without much fatigue.

The fall of Mal'Esia Aeraesar took a heavy toll on Erën, leaving many of his people dead and what few remained displaced. Those who survived have adapted to the consequences of their misfortune and have enmeshed with the dark to persevere through the unending shadow of night cast over their lands. At perhaps the disapproval of former authorities, they have all become benders and artists of illusion – careful not to delve into the evils of dark magic and abnormal conjuring.

· Nightshade: Erën can manifest what can only be described as shadowy smoke and cause it to billow about him for a brief distraction or to settle around him as a shroud. This is far more effective, and far easier to accomplish out of sunlight.


- Elven Vitality: As an elf Erën is blessed with long life and lasting youth, as well as a durable and agile body. Under his own power he is quite swift, relying heavily on evasion rather than tour de force. He can leap several meters into the air, balance himself on but a tiptoe, and sprint for impressive periods of time all with seemingly little effort.

- Intellect: Almost taken for granted by the entirety of his kind, their long lifespans offer them the time to pursue mastery of almost anything fathomable. In a perfect world this may have been the case but alas, Arethil carries onward in imperfection. While he is not a scholar, after ages of academic training in the Order he does have an appreciation for knowledge. He does not seek to understand all that the world does and does not do but is capable of critical thinking and honest about what knowledge he possesses – or doesn’t.

- Awareness: Like most elves Erën is ever conscious, even in his “sleep-state” he is aware of his surroundings. As well as this, the length of his ears serves as far more than just a hairclip and allow him to hear with great clarity across significant distances. His eyes are likewise sharp, but though he can see perfectly in the day his sight is hindered by the dark of night. Moonlight can alleviate this, but only somewhat.

- Telepathy: Erën and his people are inherently born with a telepathic connection linked too all his kind. This has throughout his life proven to be exclusive to his people, and he is unable to access the minds of those not part of his nexus. Still worth noting is the natural capability for telepathy, as well as its effectiveness regarding how Erën’s people operate together especially in militaristic settings.

- It is also known that Elves possess a type of magical telepathy with nature. Writings from the past describe much more satisfying results, but Erën can detect “signals” from plant life such as trees that alert him to very vague impressions of things like imminent danger or perhaps a helpless traveler.

- Focus: Erën’s telepathic connection with his people grants him a grounding force to set himself upon in times of great peril. Encouraged by the presence of the group-consciousness that he feels, he draws on the “music” it creates in his mind to steady him, to keep his time (which helps him with magic), and to repel feelings of fear and doubt. He operates not foolishly, but with confidence that even in death his life would carry on through the Shoraes to the afterlife.


- Range: While having near perfect sight, it is not truly so. Erën has an inability to focus his eyes when trying to aim in over great distance. This is true of archery, spear throwing, and even in the use of his magic. A closer range with perhaps throwing knifes or the like he is able and unhindered, and his aim is quite good, but he is far from adept as he cannot truly rely on the skill. This makes his unable to sustain any ranged combat.

- Striker: While Erën is indeed a formidable fighter capable of great feats of magic and strength, he is a warrior meant for the quick and fatal blow. In what he would call “casual” combat he can endure with relative ease, but in more demanding warfare he cannot withstand a battle of attrition on his own. Failure to topple his foe quickly would prove catastrophic.

- Illiterate: Erën may be fluent in Elven but his ability to read common is patchy at best, but he can speak it well. He does not understand many other languages save for perhaps a few words or phrases.

- Elven Pretentiousness: Erën can almost not even been blamed for this trait for it has been so rampant among elves at various times since Order’s conception. Over time the whole of their culture it has certainly settled down in this, but due to Erën’s alleged understanding of history and things he’s himself witnessed while abroad, whether it be civility or intellect he often holds himself in higher regard than many others – in at least some sense.


In the days of his youth before the sting of realities touch the elf was kind-hearted and pure, seeking to display a righteous and pleasant demeanor. For a time, many could say he was far from many faults and benevolent to all kinds. And indeed, while under the tutelage of his masters in the teaching of their ties to the Celestial gods, he gravitated toward the mentality of Tychan and sought to emulate his compassion. But unlike the divine product of Astra’s handiwork Eren was mortal and in comparison, fragile, and while he was still hardly more than a child the pain of loss found him.

This changed him, and a once vibrant and loving soul turned sour and grievous. While he could still afford some warmth for his kin, to many others (even elf-kind from afar) he can be desolate of empathy, despite his diligent study of historical texts and religious dogma – which advocated for peace and righteousness by the gods’ defining. He bears now a passive resentment against the world that was once fueled by the loss of his predecessor and now simply rooted in his way of being. From his knowledge of history emerges his contempt for the Orc considering their capacity for destruction. Humans are held in similar esteem, but this disdain is rooted more so in jealousy of both the gods’ favor, and their many accomplishments despite their shortened lifespan. His appreciation for advancement and the past relations between his ilk and the dwarves influences his endearment of them.

While he may be riddled with preconception and a sense of self-righteousness, he is careful to at least try to see all for their worth and is not such a fool as to let pettiness control him when logic is necessary. Though he is far from faultless, and often the honesty of his thoughts can be perceived as harsh – even rude. But this is not something his eyes cannot see, and throughout his years has learned to hold his tongue, lest the dragon leap forth and snatch it.

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